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Eileen discovered that we hold the chaotic chaotic energies and vibrational dissonance of our heavy emotions throughout our body.

For example, despair and grief are held in the heart and lungs; anger, powerlessness, and regret in the solar plexus; guilt, shame, disappointment, and victimhood in the lower gastrointestinal tract.

Lack of or ineffective emotional management is the biggest impediment to our electric — and overall — health, according to Eileen.

The remedy is to tune in to our emotions. Learn how to locate where they show up energetically in our bodies. Learn how to work with them, and transmute them.

We can become an emotional alchemist by befriending and making peace with heavy emotions — and when we do this, the lighter, healing emotion (or antidote) will emerge. We discover that beneath our grief and despair is love and gratitude; beneath our fear is trust and a deep knowing.

Beneath it all, you discover that your essential nature is courage, aliveness, and playfulness.

As an emotional alchemist, you learn to breathe easier, you become more resilient, and you liberate your emotional energy for more creativity and joy.

Discover the importance of your electric health in boosting your immunity, mood, and overall wellbeing.

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